We Commercialize Technology

TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES & ALLIANCES (TAA) works with technology-based, industrial and government organizations to commercialize technology through emerging markets. TAA brings clients’ technology research and commercial product concepts to manufacturing and marketing realities along licensing, government initiatives, corporate partnerships and take-to-market pathways providing focused, on-demand and integrative product, process, market, sales, capital formation and business management expertise.

TAA concentrates its work in the Commercialization of Technology along three major areas; SETTING BUSINESS STRATEGY and MARKET POSITIONING, GAINING CAPITALIZATION, and IMPLEMENTATION TO ACHIEVE GROWTH OBJECTIVES. Noted are some typical work activities within each of these areas that TAA can accomplish for your business to accelerate time to market, capitalization, and growth. Our fee structure is flexible to include cash for services, including fixed priced project and per diem/retainer, equity and deferred compensation with incentive offsets.

1) Setting Business Strategy and Market Positioning

We provide critical and experienced business management, analysis, and market research to establish sound business/revenue models for developing and implementing sustainable growth strategies and change-management for enterprises seeking to expand their businesses to profitable markets within and beyond their current core and through recovery operations.

2) Gaining Capitalization

We help prepare fundable business plans describing sound market positioning, enhancing management team and board representation, and in valuating; markets, technology and businesses for corporate, angel and venture capital investments, government grants, licensing, and strategic alliances.

3) Implementation to Achieve Growth Objectives

We accomplish business milestones, developing and implementing enhanced sales, marketing and corporate awareness programs, increasing valuation, time-to-market, building collaborative partnerships including leading government; SBIR, ATP, & Federal R&D proposals and industrial market development.

TAA adds to its focus areas with multidisciplinary teams of affiliates. We perform the custom-market research, competitive analyses and market planning to successfully identify and assess markets, position products and services into them. We prepare businesses for funding, develop technology licenses and form strategic alliances.

For early stage enterprises, TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES & ALLIANCES provides business formation, plans, executive management, and training and capitalization services. We are committed to help companies grow, keep competitive and profitable.