Venture Capital, Angel, and Strategic Investments

Our efforts for early stage companies is in developing fundable business plans, ensuring correct market positioning, enhancing management team and board participation, and closing on key business milestones.

For ‘launched’ companies we recognize that scaling of business strategy is hardly ever a linear activity. We help those companies redirect business strategy with interim, transitional and enabling strategies to recapture business objectives and accelerate the scaling of their businesses.

Throughout, we valuate markets, technology and businesses for corporate, angel and venture capital investments, government grants, licensing, and strategic alliances.

Our services in this area include:

-Review capitalization pathways

-Develop market and industry intelligence

-Capture insight on applications

-Identify company/business positioning strategies

-Reveal business model and value proposition

-Prepare business plans

-Establish investor and venture capital relationships

-Develop contact list and contact strategy

-Prepare business prospectus and release

-Obtain referrals and make contact

-Deliver presentations