Client Projects and Investments

1. Personal Electronics Mobile Power Source. Elecsci Corporation - MEMS-based power generator developing “energy harvester” devices that couple motion from the environment or from walking around and converts this to useful electrical energy. TAA (as CEO) led the formation of the business, building team and advisory board, established the business model, created corporate partnerships, secured investor seed funding, and won (NSF) and positioned (Army) government grants.

2. Federal Grant Program. National Science Foundation (NSF) – Appointed as a Phase 2 Commercialization Grant Proposal reviewer. Providing the business side evaluation, judgment, and selection for proposals seeking $500,000-750,000 Phase 2 awards. The past review panel served was for Electronics - Light Emission & Reception.

3. Invention 2 Venture Boot Camps. Rowan University – Provided boot camp instruction on business plan development and establishing the entrepreneurial mind set. Include were sessions on how to evaluate an idea or business opportunity, preparing market research, and establishing market positioning.

4. Direct-Write Technology. Triton Systems/ SI2 Technologies - Corporate “spin-out” seeking to enter this emerging field of technology analogous to the ‘ink-jet’ printing of passive or active electronic circuitry conformably onto substrates. Company needed to understand market opportunity to gauge risk reward investment for spin-off. TAA defined and conducted the market research process concluding that enormous multibillion-dollar markets were available and presented the strategic pathways for entry. Company has launched the spin-off and secured investment.

5. Wireless Internet Service Provider. WiFiRV - Service provider for wireless high-speed Internet access concentrating on installing 802.11 Wireless Local Area Network for Recreation Vehicle (RV) Park and Traveler. TAA Co-founder and Advisory Board helped define-develop business strategy, business and revenue models, and team execution in launch.

6. Music Recognition and Discovery Solutions. Musikube/ 411Song - Company developed a suite of mobile and web-based services that give consumers the tools to capture music that interests them wherever and whenever they come across it. TAA advised business and revenue model and capitalization. Company sold to NMK, Inc.

7. Cable TV Test Equipment. Cableyzer Inc. - Company developing next generation equipment that consolidates several existing pieces of test equipment into a single, economical, low cost, mobile device providing open hardware and software platform for 3rd party integrators combined with mobile workforce management. TAA served as interim COO advising on business and revenue model creation, team and advisory board creation, collaboration partnership with WiMAX enterprise and sourcing of investor capital. I am a company co-founder.

8. Satellite Propulsion. New England Space Works – Innovative RF-plasma thruster technology. TAA established industry collaboration with NASA and aerospace firms to access test facilities, gain operation support to "space-qualify" hardware, and provide strategic entry for one firm into this business. We won multiple government programs and expect to develop partnering and investments from the aerospace firms leveraging to private investment and product-market entry. I am a company co-founder and serve on the board of directors.

9. Metal matrix composites. Metal Matrix Cast Composites - This client 'hit' with government and commercial projects for $1.6M on top of existing commercial projects. TAA finalized the business plan with a capitalization structure to obtain $7.5M of private investment and implement commercialization plans for target markets. Funding was obtained. TAA worked previously with this client to establish their corporate vision, planning and market focus, conducting off-site strategic reviews.

10. Photovoltaics - Organic Semiconductors. Sundye Corporation/ Townsend Science & Engineering - Advanced tech materials company developing applications in infrared, visible and UV imaging, photovoltaics, optical computing and organic high-density memory devices in markets over $100 billion. Seed funding obtained from SBIRs. TAA took on business leadership for this start-up, conducted the market research, wrote the SBIR commercialization plans, established corporate relationships, led venture funding presentations, business plan creation, and CEO search.

11. Electronic telecommunications capture device. Harvest Corp. - TAA participated with existing client and investors in a new venture, performed the initial market research to establish market viability for the product, identified a business model and presented to major funding sources. The device targets an enormous $100 billion plus advertising market space and transaction fee revenues at the intersection of the internet and TV/Radio and presents a whole new channel of distribution.

12. Healthcare bedside internet technology. Catalyst Medical Solutions, Inc. - An internet application service provider speeding workflow, saving time, helping doctors care for patients while improving charge capture. Series A funded company. TAA is an investor and helped executive management with go to market strategy and planning.

13. E-commerce, ADSL, Multi-lingual browser. BLS Corp./ - This internet/e-commerce start-up we've been working with has obtained seed round financing and are pursuing major venture capital. I was their Executive Advisor for over six months and served as their First Director. A direct public offering is underway and we are seeking strategic partners. It's been a struggle to get them to this point in focusing business direction and action.

14. Precision Gearing - Power Transmission. Synkinetics Inc. - TAA through BOD request conducted a broad and far reaching strategic review with the executive management about business direction, strategy, marketing and partnering actions for this angel funded company to secure near-term revenue and establish longer-term commercial business base. TAA worked with company to implement this activity. On an additional initiative for this client our briefing efforts in Washington, DC paid off. We obtained a $550,000 new program funding, were sourced for two new programs next year, and the Navy is making introductions for us at the highest levels in selected aerospace prime contractors. An additional round of investor money was secured.

15. Marketing, Advertising and Publishing firm. Marketing Dynamics Corporation (MDC) - Through expanding ownership and invitation TAA joined with the firm, contributing to the firms focus on corporate growth strategies and business development with emphasis in corporate technology marketing and collaboration partnerships. TAA helped established a global presence with offices in the UK, Germany, Boston and Washington, DC introducing new client consulting tools/ programs and project processes. MDC performed consulting projects for the federal government and companies including; ITT, Teledyne, Textron, Raytheon, Middleton Aerospace, and New Hampshire Ball Bearings and served companies in the image, Optical Character Recognition, and remittance processing areas.

16. Small to Medium Business e-Commerce. Computopia - This is a spin-off from an established market leader in network consulting to provide software platforms and information technology consulting to small and medium business market through a proprietary web-based reverse auction process. TAA provided business strategy development, market research, business-model and revenue-model creation, IP protection advice, business plan preparation, management team and board of advisors/directors selection, fund raising, and coaching to the CEO to launch this business. Foreign investment received.

17. Multi-Media Internet Appliance. Convergence Media - Product-based business entails converging different media (VCR, CD player/ recorder, MP3 player, DVD player/ recorder, web browser) into one all encompassing device that would be used to capture and play-back audio, video and data. TAA advised on business start-up, company organization, business strategy, market assessment, growth pathways and gaining capitalization.

18. Web-based Industrial Buying Exchange for Batteries. BatteryCorp, Inc. - A business-to-business online exchange for particular industrial product for manufacturers, distributors, OEM’s and retailers. This spin-out start-up providing e-commerce solution to the highly fragmented industry supply chain. Presenting low cost transactions, highly competitive pricing, supply aggregation, and disintermediation of supply chain inefficiencies. TAA advised on business strategy and model, guiding business plan creation, supplier buy-in strategy, market research, and seed-round funding.

19. Desalinization System. Aqua Sonics Corporation - Patented and innovative technology completed proof-of-principle for water-processing plants for converting saltwater and/or contaminated water into quality drinking water. TAA worked with founder to establish business model, identify business development markets, pursue private placement and build management team. Company has been incorporated; President/CEO, COO, CSO and Directors are in place. Funds have been obtained. Served on the Business & Technical Advisory Board.

20. Web-based solution for the mortgage brokerage industry. - Automated the “backend” processing for loan originations. TAA to work with company to secure seed and first round funding, continue to advise through implementation of early stage growth and follow-on funding. Developed cohesive plan for capitalization, investor prospectus preparation, contact and presentation. Refinement of business/revenue models. Establish corporate partnerships.

21. Large US Pension Fund. TIAA - CREF - Analyzed foreign country (South Africa) infrastructure, political, socio-demographics, investment climate, and business advocacy and technology for major in-country investment.

22. Large US Pension Fund. TIAA – CREF - Provided competitive and market due diligence and emerging trends (electronic funds processing) for fund’s investment group as to a major equity and debt transaction into one of the top three companies (check printing industry) being analyzed.

23. Large US pension funds. TIAA – CREF - advised them on the placement of $500 million of their investment capital into early stage-regional and special interest venture capital funds.

24. Global Insurance investment. John Hancock Insurance - evaluated the strategic advantages of Israeli venture capital funds in comparison to other global opportunities. This work may extend to providing an understanding of and recommend selection of individual Israeli VC funds

25. Workers’ Compensation Occupational Healthcare. - E-medical commerce and ASP provider for electronically linking all participants (insurance, medical, patient, employer). TAA performed strategic planning and action setting with firm’s principals and will serve as interim executive to develop company’s market positioning, strategic alliances, business plan, capitalization and launch.

26. Distance Education Infrastructure Developer. Vynamic Inc. - Company with proprietary technology for transforming classroom based training to internet based training through development and improvement in distance education modalities, transaction, course, registrar and transcript security and authentication. TAA was asked in by the BOD. TAA developed cohesive business and revenue models and advised company on financing and operations, business plan creation and securing capitalization.

27. Healthcare Business Management and Organization. Optimum Health Management - Start-up with proprietary software/hardware for accurate, reliable and consistent capturing of patient information conforming to government regulatory compliance and care-institutions. Web-based and palm pilot management system for tracking, authentication, integration and submission of compiled data. TAA served as business advisor for defining business strategy, performing market research, identifying business and revenue models, helping create business plans, securing capitalization, establish strategic alliances, and implementing growth objectives.

28. Banking and Financial Industry CRM and Financial Intelligence Engines. Askmefinance - Company with a suite of proprietary Internet based software tools to; decrease financial institutions’ customer acquisition and retention costs, expand their small business customers’ transaction volumes, deliver improved relationship driven services, and equip banks with real-time market intelligence to successfully compete in the marketplace. TAA providing business strategy and revenue model creation, capitalization, and have taken an active operational role to explore merger opportunities.

29. Innovative Solid State Devices, Technology and Products. RapidDrive - Start-up targeting new storage technology. Referred through their development and manufacturing investor to provide ongoing business management through commercialization. We provided business strategy and revenue model development and cohesive actions plans to protect intellectual property, perform competitive market research and secure capital. Presented and got them accepted for angel entrepreneur conference.

30. Intelligence Software and On-line Service Provider for Engineering Business Applications - Artificial intelligence systems bridging the gap between design and manufacturing to enable the full integration of engineering product design, manufacturing, and procurement to enhance the competitiveness, producibility and cost effectiveness of engineering and manufacturing customers. We helped create business development pathway for strategic alliances and customer acquisition for early and key sales. Successfully positioned them in angel entrepreneur conference.

31. Venture Capital Firm Due Diligence – Provided technology and market opportunity assessment and business plan critique to the venture capital firm for a start-up company targeted toward hydrogen (direct methanol) fuel cells.

32. Efficient Internet Content Delivery System. SyncIT - Expansion of company “bookmarking” business into synchronization technology to develop software that enables secure, global distribution of all types of multimedia, personal and business data via the internet. TAA performed strategic review of business and marketing plan. Results focused on establishing financial health of the company by securing key sales revenue through existing clients and known market segments. Follow-on efforts identified in market research, strategy implementation and capitalization.

33. Investment Partnership - Company with established electronic design and development services wants to provide those services for equity in early-stage companies. TAA advised creating an investment partnership to provide business analysis, market and technology due diligence for portfolio selection.

34. Non-Invasive Human Alertness Monitoring Systems. Applied Science Laboratories/ Institute for Circadian Physiology - TAA managed and this US-European joint venture. Venture companies combined electro-optical and control hardware with medical-physiological expertise. Systems predict the onset of fatigue and drowsiness in safety and health critical situations including over-the-road vehicle operators, for appropriate intervention. TAA described broad-based economic benefits, developed proposal themes, commercialization strategy and planning.

35. Technology Transfer and Management Activity. U.S. Navy Underwater Warfare Center (NUWC) Science & Technology Operation – TAA provided Commercialization Planning, Literature Development, Industrial Contacts and Implementation Plan for a Technology Transfer Management Activity at NUWC.

36. Building Collaborative Partnerships. US Government Federal Laboratory Consortia & Fortune 1000 - created and delivered seminars/ workshops to over 40 organizations exploring the basics of alliance formation as applied to both commercial and government partners. Content included reasons for alliances, identifying and assessing partners, due diligence, and forming and managing lasting relationships. The Federal Laboratory Consortia represents $100 billion of annual R&D expenditures.

37. Dual-Use Technology Transfer. Visidyne, Inc. TAA performed market research, identified industry leaders, arranged top level company introductions for positioning firm's novel military signal processing algorithm-technology into commercial applications of "condition based monitoring" of rotating and reciprocating machinery and other industrial equipment classes. broad-based R&D company that specializes in Electro-optical sensor hardware, software, and systems.

38. Market Strategy for Commercialization. Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. - a leading military products company. TAA prepared bid positions for federal program initiatives (TRP & ATP) and redefined their market and business development activities for their Power Division (batteries) for transitioning their dominant military business base to a more solid commercial mix.

39. For a number of companies and universities... Provided strategy and "Red Team" reviews for their business and technology proposals, prepared SBIR Phase 2 partnering and commercialization proposals and developed strategic alliances. Won $750,000 SBIR - Phase 2 award from the NIH for a client company engaged in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology.

40. Market representation to federal government agencies. Fortune 500, small business and start-up companies - Provided intel on emerging technology market opportunities and government venture capital sources.

41. Business organization. Pristine Transportation Corp. - as part of a venture capital start-up team for hybrid electric transportation systems, TAA lead the technology and market research and preparation of business organization plans.

42. Medical instrumentation/ diagnostic services, Environmental consulting. TAA provided market due diligence and business organization for start-up interests for these two separate business groups.