Implementation to Achieve Growth Objectives

We accomplish business milestones, developing and implementing enhanced sales, marketing and corporate awareness programs, increasing valuation, building collaborative partnerships including leading; SBIR, ATP, & federal R&D proposals and industrial market development. Our services in this area include:


~Define and communicate technology/product

~Establish positioning strategy

~Maintain sustainable competitive advantage

~Research and establish market channels of distribution

~Create marketing and sales management organization

~Establish public relations and awareness building

Business Development and R&D

~Funding and resources - team creation

~Develop corporate communications

~Participate and lead proposal red teams

~Market and sales strategy/planning

Licensing Activity

~Establish technology and market valuation

~Develop opportunity prospectus

~Find licensees

~Negotiate and secure licenses

Corporate Collaborative Partnerships

~Create shared vision

~Perform partner profile and search

~Develop enduring business relationships

~Negotiate and form partnership